Six Tips For Using A Dry Erase Whiteboard

Six Tips For Using A Dry Erase Whiteboard

A dry erase whiteboard is great for charts, projects, communication among a team, setting and tracking goals, and finding solutions to many other issues. It lets you keep the good ideas and erase those that are not so good. Whiteboards are not just for businesses and schools families can use them to schedule chores and keep track of busy schedules. The following hints will aid you to get the most out of your dry erase whiteboard.

How to use a dry erase whiteboard

Start small and borrow ideas

fghfghfhfhgfhWhen you are still learning how to use your whiteboard, it is important that you start out by making simple pages until you build sufficient confidence. If you would like to find out how to use your dry erase whiteboard you can search the internet to find sources that are relevant and will complement your presentations. Starting small and borrowing ideas is the best way to ensure that your students or colleagues at work will understand your presentations.

Let learners do the work

If you are using a dry erase whiteboard in school, then it is important to allow your students to walk to the board and take part in the interactive activities. You can succeed in easily demonstrating things to your students, but that is missing the point of a dry erase whiteboard in your class. If they participate in the interactive activities, you will be able to teach them other skills as they learn.

Consider using two whiteboards

It is always a superb idea to have two whiteboards when dealing with students so that one can act as backup. And that is not all. Even when dealing with your colleagues at work it is always handy to have a clean, untouched whiteboard to share or to use next time. If you are using one whiteboard and you don’t want to erase the data that it already contains they you may have a difficult time trying to pass your message across.

Compile a list of your favorite sites

Making a list of your favorite websites in your web browser is an excellent idea particularly if you make presentations frequently. The list will come in very handy when trying to build lessons or on occasions when you need an activity at a seconds notice.

Organize yourself

fgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgIf you have a lot of work to present, then you have to arrange it neatly so that your learners or colleagues at work can understand your presentation without much difficulty. You can divide the board into several sections. For instance, if you are a math teacher you can divide the whiteboard into sections to cover different topics such as numbers, measurement, the shape just to mention a few. This will save you a lot of time when planning activities and will ensure you don’t mix your work.

Consider other colors

Traditional whiteboards are white in color. However, when you notice that white is too bright when creating your lessons try to choose other colors apart from white for your background. Some people complain that a white background strains their eyes particularly when they gaze at them for extended periods. Finding another background color will make such people enjoy your presentations even more.…