Electronic cigarettes or vape mod function by using a special solution called electronic liquids or juices that are vaporized by a battery powered atomizer  to produce the same sensation as smoking. The e-liquids are made of two major ingredients; these are the atomizing base and flavor. Liquid nicotine is present in the solution to fulfill the nicotine replacement role. There is the zero nicotine formula that is designed for smokers who are trying to get rid of the addictive substance but do not want to give up the habit. Here are some of the facts of the e-juices;


The diluting base makes up to 80-90% of the solution. The most common diluents that are used for the electronic juices are propylene glycol, (PG) vegetable glycerin (VG) and polyethylene glycol. All of the three are common in food additives as well pharmaceutical products. Propylene glycol is the most used e-liquid base, and it has been used by asthmatic people. PG facilitates the hit to be stronger, and the flavor is more pronounced. VG is thicker than PG. Therefore, it is mixed with PG to make the vapor thicker. Moreover, VG is a sweetener.


Electronic cigarettes try to imitate the traditional cigarettes regarding the cloud of smoke, the taste, and the throat hit. Therefore, there are some electronic liquids availablein a wide variety of tobacco flavors. The flavors include Turkish tobacco and Cuban cigars among others. So far, menthol is the most popular flavored cigarette therefore e-juices offer a variety of menthol flavors. For example, there is the fresh mint and peppermint. The U.S government is seeking to ban flavored cigarettes. Therefore, more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes so as to enjoy the flavors. Smokers are happy that there are over 300 types of e-liquid flavors.


There are e-liquids containing nicotine but in different concentrations. Users can know the amount of nicotine the juices have because it is written on the bottle or packaging. The standard notation is “mg” Large doses of above 40 mg can be lethal therefore it is advisable to stay within the safe limits. Smokers that are new to e-liquids are advised to start with the ones that have the medium strength then they can go up or down depending on what they want. The vapor HQ tobacco flavored juices do not taste like cigarette smoke. Individuals get the actual flavor of tobacco and not the combustion by-product.

Facts About Electronic Juices
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