Major differences between astrology and numerology

Major differences between astrology and numerology

Would you wish to have some facts about your future revealed or explained? If yes, you need to think about numerology and astrology. To start with, astrology is a study that predicts worldly affairs and human affairs basing its argument on the movement of celestial objects. On the other hand, Numerology is a study that shows mystical belief between numbers and events. The choice on which to go with is yours. You can use one of them or decide to adopt both in your quest to discover yourself. Below are significant differences between astrology and numerology.

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First, in astrological studies, date time and place of birth are key. As such, before any predictions are made you must have accurate information about the latter. This is because at every single minute celestial bodies are moving, and this is the base of predictions. This explains why twins have different lives while people sharing the latter indicators have a similar future life.

On the other hand, numerological studies do not require place and time to have predictions. In this study, you only need to provide the date of birth and the name on your birth certificate. These two will serve as a base of your future life predictions. In some instances, people change their names, and this is attributed to changes in personality traits, soul urges, and mode of expression. However, predicted life path does not change, as people are only required to modify their lifestyle to meet their goals.

Second difference

aSdxigiugASdxgiuggThe second difference between astrology is that, in astrology, the birth time dictates your rising sign while in numerology time of birth is not of the essence. Apart from time, dictating the rising sun in astrology, it will dictate the degree of the cusps in your twelve houses. This is also the case with the place of birth. These twelve houses signify the various aspects of your life that are determined by the movement of the celestial bodies.

When it comes to numerology people born on the same day, have similar names but born at different times in the same day share same characteristics. However, at no point will these people have similar experiences and circumstances in life. In astrology, the facing sign determines the final face you will portray to the world. While on the other hand numerologist state that your face will be influenced by all your names. It is also key to note that, in astrology, the name is of no relevance in making future predictions while in numerology it is of great importance.…