Top tips to losing weight

Top tips to losing weight

Losing weight should not be torture. Many people get stressed out because of excess weight, and some even punish themselves for adding weight. It is essential to maintain the right body weight to have a significant BMI. Being underweight or overweight comes with its disadvantages and may ruin your health. Most underweight people cannot donate blood this is one of the disadvantages of being underweight. Being overweight is a disorder of being obese which leads to health problems such as heart attack. This article talks much about the best tips that you can apply to cut off the excess weight.

Snack smartly

Many people prefer junk-food for snacking, but nutritionists have come to know that it is preferably good to snack on healthy grub than to assume any risk and snack on junk- foods. The best healthy snack to pick on is, a piece of fruit with peanut butter one tablespoon, or edamame.

Switch off the TV

While watching and eating you can consume an additional of 40% of calories than usual. Other distracting activities such as texting and driving while eating can cause you to eat more than you expected. Ensure when you want to eat you avoid any distraction, serve your food and strictly concentrate even if your eating alone.

Eat heavy balanced breakfast

A morning meal that contains protein and carbs this will help to keep steady your levels of blood sugar and stop hunger pangs which may lead you to a lot during lunchtime. Always go for something that can satisfy your stomach and is appealing to your taste buds like egg whites, whole wheat toast, vegetables, and cereals.

Take fruits

Fruits are very important in your diet you can take them twice a day. They contain water and have no fats. They contain healthy fibers that help boost your immune and helps in digestion process. Ensure you eat variety but with temperance mix them you can take either citrus or basic. Etc

Get enough sleep

Getting enough is very essential it helps you wake up and sleep with a sober mind. The type of food you eat will determine your sleep duration. When you et heavily and get to bed, this will hinder digestion and cause you sleepless night which will result in waking up late. After a heavy meal, you should stay up till digestion is complete and this means you have to eat earlier to give allowance for digestion. Early to bed early to rising makes someone healthy since it promotes enough time to get rest. When you get enough rest, your not likely to snack out of stress or fatigue.


Doing squats for 30 seconds intervals, lunges and push-ups for around 5 minutes will help you to maintain and build muscle mass. The muscles will help improve your metabolism thus burning out excess calories. For those women who never bother to create time for exercises, weight loss supplements for women can be of great help to you.…